Romantic Suspense


Juvenile Fiction

Justice For All series

Book One


Sawyer Kingsley is a Detective with the Blakely, IA police department. He’s used to seeing the unseemly side of his town, but one day, that ugly side hits far too close to home. With three homicides to investigate, the exit of his fiancé and a new partner to break in, his life is turned upside down.

Staying ahead of this killer will put all of Sawyer’s training and instinct to the test. Together, with the help of Sawyer’s cousin, Grant Mulvane, they will work to bring this killers reign of terror to an end before he kills again.

Justice For All series

Book Two


Tope Daniels, Jack Baker’s nephew is coming to Blakely to hide away from the D.C. mob after his cover was blown. Tope and Jack were not only uncle and nephew, they were born only three years apart and they looked enough alike to be twins. That resemblance caused quite a stir at the Blakely Police Department.

Almost immediately upon Tope’s arrival in Blakely he is propelled into the murder of a Marine. Together with Sawyer Kingsley, the assigned detective on the case, the men jump into a murder that is more like a maze. Each discovery leads them in directions that keep them working to stay ahead of the killer.

Enter the world of government operatives, military special forces and the secrets kept that protect their lives. Stories told in dark corners, backstairs meetings where information is passed from one operative to the next, families who are destroyed by codes and decryptions, loves lost and gained. It’s a hard world to live in, harder still to die in, but each operative, along all military personnel, know the service to their country is paramount.

Justice For All series

Book Three


Grant Mulvane, a strong but gentle and kind Alaska Native, remains committed to the Native way of life. He is a tracker, born into the calling, and uses his gift to help solve crimes in agencies all across America. Though he knows he is well known in the world of law enforcement, his real confidence remains with the Spirits who have given him this incredible talent.

A few years prior, Grant met a woman whom he has been unable to remove from his mind…and his heart. One day, while settling his horse, Noble Spirit, in for the evening, he senses this woman hiding in the shadows of his barn. Her name is Shannon Norton, and she seeks Grant’s help. Grant is re-awakened to the feelings he has for her, and must put those feelings aside to help Shannon find her brother, Jimmy.

The planet suddenly seems bigger than it ever has to Shannon, who must help Grant uncover Jimmy’s last days before his disappearance. What they find makes her wonder if she ever really knew her brother at all.

What has happened to Jimmy Norton? Is he alive? Shannon must steel herself to the realization that he may not be. Making their way through shootings, car bombs and unanswered questions, the two find evidence that weaves an already mysterious investigation deeper into the underbelly of Smithville, Iowa.